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Using our Scrabble Word Finder is simple.

Take the letters you have been dealt in to your rack, and if you choose you can also add the board letters. Enter them in to the tool below select the scrabble dictionary you would like the results for and click the solve button.

Your results will be returned by the scrabble word finder tool in a list on the following page, You can then select how you would like to view your results, for example in alphabetical order or score order etc. You can also search via the A - Z scrabble dictionary.  The engine for a scrabble word finder is based here. 

If you would like to see a definition of one of your results click again and you will be taken to a definition page!

You can take advantage of our online service for free now, this is not only a great way to win at scrabble but is a fantastic way of improving your vocabulary and learning, you could also use this for anagram games at school or to check your answers.

There are many games you can use this tool for, games like Lexulous, Anagrammer, Words with friends, Literati, Text Twist, Ruzzle, 4 Pics 1 Word, 4 Pics 1 Song, what's the word and other clone games.  In addition, you can check out an anagram solver for seeing various words you can come up with given a set of letters. Conversely, if you need to generate various words at random, here is a random word generator where you can specify certain options. 

If you have arrived on this page to check if a word is acceptable in your game then please use our Scrabble word checker

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You can also view the Scrabble Wikipedia page for more information on the Game.

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Word Finder for Scrabble

If you are looking for HELP FOR SCRABBLE, This Free word finder Tool allows you to search for words to use in the game by submitting the letters you have been given. You can enter up to 15 letters and up to 4 blank tiles using the "?" or SPACE. Our free scrabble word finder is optimized to be used with all mobile platforms and in comparison is the fastest available online. The number one site for scrabble help! You can also use this free as a cheat for WWF and the other games mentioned above, you can view a full list of games to play here.

We do not encourage you to CHEAT AT SCRABBLE or other games and tests. This should only be used as a last resort or to check words with our Scrabble®Dictionary. We have provided this service also for educational services, to help you learn new vocabulary with the use of our free tool. Listing over 300 thousand definitions also.

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Scrabble Game Rules

Official Scrabble Rules by Hasbro

Object of the game:

Be the player with the highest final score.


Players create joining words, in a crossword puzzle type fashion, placing the tiles on the board. The tiles have different values. Every player tries to get the highest score  by taking full advantage of the letter points dealt, and already played on the board. You can also use the premium squares on the board to boost your scores! Player 1 always starts first.

Every player in the game, begins with seven tiles (letters) in their rack. The first player combines at least two tiles (letters) to create a word and places it on the game board so in turn it reads either across or downwards. At least one of the letters must be placed on the square in the very centre of the board the STAR.

On the following turns, every player in the game must add at least 1 or more letters to the words on the board to create new ones. Each letter played in a turn has to be placed in only one row, either across or down, to form at least one new complete word. Any word played in the game must be at least 2 letters long. (view all two letter scrabble words) If the letters you have played touch other letters in different rows, then they have to have created complete words. The player then gets all the points for any modified on that go.

The player finishes their turn by calculating the letter scores of each new word formed on that go. The player then replaces the tiles used, always keeping 7 letters in their rack.

In the game you will find BLANK tiles, and these can be used as ANY letter. When a player states which letter the blank will be used as, it will stay that letter for the complete game and can not be changed.

A player can use his or her go to exchange their tiles, they can replace as many as they like, only if there are at least 7 letters left to draw. The players letters that they exchange are returned to the bag of letters. This completes the players turn.

Every word, this including foreign, obsolete, colloquial and slang,  are permitted, you can check to see if it is acceptable using our scrabble word checker. Some words that are not permitted are those that are abbreviations, prefixes, suffixes that are used alone, and those needing a hyphen and or an apostrophe.

The game is complete when each and every letter has been drawn and one player uses their last letter; or when there are no more possible plays left.


Scoring for the SCRABBLE computer game is done automatically. Here is how the scores are calculated

For each turn the score is the value of the letters in each word you have created modified on that turn, plus the value of the extra points you can obtain by using the premium squares on the board.

Premium squares on the board: The score for a complete word is then doubled if its letters are placed on a pink square, tripled on a red square. Premiums for the either double or triple letter values are included also before doubling or tripling the score if your word is placed across two premium squares. The score would then be doubled and then re-doubled equaling four times the letter sum. Please note that the first square you use the STAR square always doubles the very first word played!

You can only use premium squares once on the turn in which they are played.

When using a blank tile, and it lies on a pink or a red square, the scored of the word is doubled or tripled, even though the blank tile does not have a score value.

If two or more words are created in the same turn, each is scored. The common letter is added with FULL premium score, if any for each word.

If you play all 7 tiles on a single turn you get what is called a "BINGO" and you add an extra 50 points to your total score for the turn.

When the game is complete, any letters left unplayed are subtracted from the players score. If you have used all of the letters, the sum of the other players unplayed tiles are added to your score.

How to Win

The player with the highest final score wins the game. You can use a word finder to help you score higher in Scrabble. For the full rule list please visit the rules for scrabble page.