Top Ten Weird English Words and meanings. Do you know them?

Top Ten Weird English Words and meanings. Do you know them?

1. Floccinaucinihilipilification

A jocular coinage, which according to wikipedia originated from pupils at Eton, It combines a number of synonymous Latin stems. The word was given inspiration from a line in the Eton Latin Grammar that listed verbs that govern a genitive noun. To describe something as being worthless or having no value, deemed useless. Now I would like you to say the word, go on just try it! This word is In fact often quoted as the longest word in the English dictionary and is one letter longer than the popular antidisestablishmentarianism.

2. Pronk

The act of leaping straight up in the air, like a gazelle! The Gazelle began to Pronk as it was being pursued by the angry tiger, and that’s about it, not much more we could use this word for? Unless you feel like Pronking around the office like a kangaroo screaming look at me everybody learning new words is so much fun, do the “pronk” with me!

Weird English Word Pronk

A gazelle Pronking! He is such a Pronker.

3. Tyrotoxism

Tyrotoxism is the poisoning of someone with the microbes found in stale CHEESE or other dairy products, The word comes from Tyros (cheese) and Toxicon (poison) and is a Noun. So the next time you are thinking of ordering that Pizza with extra Mozzarella, think twice!

Weird English Word Tyrotoxism

YUM! Be careful of Tyrotoxism

4. Defenestration

Defenestration is the act of throwing something and or someone out of a window. As I just wrote that there is a few people that I pictured. Does this make me a bad person? Like the person who inspired the word? The word was coined at the time of an incident in Prague Castle In 1618, where two Imperial governors and their secretary were thrown from a window. Even though the violent act of Defenestration can result in a fatality, To be used it needs not carry the fate of death. IF times get hard you can always “self-defenestrate”

5. Zabernism

Here is a word that we should all be using with the recent goings on! Zabernism means to abuse military power, to be aggressive and too bully! Sounds like an angry little person making threats lately? Wonder if you can all guess who I am talking about? Named After Zabern, the German name for Saverne, a village in Alsace, France. In 1912, A German Officer Killed a Cobbler who did nothing but smile at him, coining the term Zabernism. I’d have to say that there is too much Zabernism taking place of late. Who’s with me??


6. Tittynope (You raised your eyebrows there)

Unfortunately for some it is not as exciting as what you originally thought. Nope. See what I did there. Ok give me a break its 1am, being funny isn’t going as well as planned. The term Tittynope simply means a little portion of anything left over whether it be the dregs at the bottom of your cup of tea that we don’t like to drink, or the fat you cut from your steak? Sorry vegetarians but that made my belly rumble. Here is an example of when you could use the word Tittynope.

Waitress “Sometimes I wonder if I could put these tittynopes to better use”

Chef: We could put your tittynopes on the compost heap?

Although I can’t seem to find where this word derived from, and unfortunately it is not a word that is in the dictionary so please don’t try and get away with using it in Scrabble. I would like to hear from any of you who know the answer to this? Comments please :)

7. Winklepicker (My personal favorite)

Winklepickers were a style of shoe from the 1950′s with a elongated sharp and pointy toe shape, Mainly worn by male and female British Rock ‘n’ Roll Fans. Similar in style to medieval footwear. It is just a funny sounding word? Say it out loud “Winklepicker” The term came from Periwinkle Snails, or Winkles which were a popular British Seaside Snack which were eaten using a pin or a pointed object to get the soft parts out of the coiled shell carefully, hence the phrase: “to winkle something out” from there they became the mock name for shoes with the pointy tip!

Weird Word for Shoes, Winklepickers

Not for me but if you own a pair similar in style you have some Winklepickers. Check your wardrobes!

8. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

I wouldn’t have personally chose this one, but upon research it shows up EVERYWHERE. The word supercalafragalisticexpialadoshus (so smug right now because I can say it) is a made up word, made popular by the 1964 Disney film Mary Poppins. This is a made up word, which has stuck ever since the film, made from pseudo- roots and affixes, it is said to be funny for sounding like it means something learned, when it has no meaning at all. Some people still will argue the fact that it means Life is for Fun :) Have you ever heard the song? If you haven’t you’re missing out, Click HERE to go to the youtube video and sing along, dance your pants off!

9. Discombobulate

Why oh Why does this make me laugh? Is it the BOB sound? Does anyone else find this rather amusing? Or am I sat here alone making Bob Bob sounds? Discombobulate means to confuse somebody for example I placed my mom’s Purse in the fridge, when she found it she was Discombobulated, She thought she had put it in there herself. (TRUE STORY) As for the origin of the word Discombobulate the evidence suggests that it is more than likely an adaptation of the word Discompose.

Weird english word Discombobulate

George Bush Discombobulated

10. Borborygmus

Borborygmus is the rumbling noise your tummy makes which occurs as a reaction to the movements of the gas and fluids in your intestines. Borborygmus is said to be related to the 16th century French word borborygme and The Greeks onomatopoetically coined the word. As I’m finishing this blog, you probably guessed that I am rather hungry, I’ve mentioned both steak and cheese and now all I can hear is Borborygmus!

So that’s all folks……..(carrot bugs bunny…what is wrong with me!) Need to eat.

Hope I haven’t bored you too much, remember to comment in the comment box with some of your suggestions/Information. Some of the above words are not in the English Dictionary and as this is a Scrabble Site, it is not a reference to words you can use in Scrabble. This blog is a bit of fun, and not meant to be too serious. So please do not start picking at Grammar faults, or spelling errors because quite truthfully, It is 2am I’m all “discombobulated” because I am hungry, I will not be leaving any “Tittynope” on my plate, If you complain I am likely to have to use “Zabernism” hunt you down kick you with my “winklepickers” commit the act of “Defenestration” “Pronk” out of the window after you, If at this point you haven’t met a Fatal end I will resort to “Tyrotoxism” yes I know this Blog is “Floccinaucinihilipilification” but life is for fun, life is “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”