Words to Impress and Confuse your friends | Intelligent words to use

Words to Impress and Confuse your friends | Intelligent words to use


After my first blog ever late last night, I have kinda got the buzz for it. I wrote a post on the Top Ten weird english words and actually really enjoyed doing so. I was never much of a writer at school, more of the class clown. Not much of a writer right now, but I’m enjoying it so I guess that is all that matters. Today I want to create a list of words you can use to Impress friends, or maybe even leave them slightly confused and “discombobulated” why the use of that word? Well if you read my last post you will understand why. Either way if you learn these words and their meanings and find some clever way of accidentally dropping them into conversation, you will sound rather intelligent

*Warning don’t use too many in one sentence you could make yourself look like a JERK*

These words however rarely feature in modern day dictionaries and seem to have fallen out of use.  They are however featured in a new compendium celebrating around a 1000 of their most obscure words. You could use these words to insult someone without them even knowing if you really like :)

1. Leighster

A Leighster was a word used to describe a female liar. Used a very long time ago.

“Behold leighster and fals of tong.”  

2. Flagitation

Flagitation is a word to describe the act of asking for something with passion, or in other words begging.

“Steve displayed Flagitation when asking his mum to not make him tidy his room”

3. Neanimorphic

Neanimorphic is to look younger than in actuality. I’m actually 30 years old, and only look around 21, I am therefore rather Neanimorphic.

4. Dactylion

The Dactylion is the tip of the middle finger. I’m sure you can find a way to slip this into conversation, In a friendly way of course.

5. Rabiator

Sounds like a Gladiator infected with Rabies right? Wrong. It’s a word used to describe a greedy, violent person.

“My Boss is such a Rabiator”

6. Dictioneer

Perhaps some of you are going to be “Dictioneers” in the comment box below, A Dictioneer is a person who likes to criticise diction or writing styles. So please don’t be a bunch of “Dictioneers” This is my second blog ever, and I did leave school early and skip out on my GCSE (biggest mistake ever kids!)

7. Funambulist

A Funambulist is a name originally given to a tightrope walker, However It was also commonly used to describe a quick witted person (rather like me) and someone who thinks quickly on their feet. The word comes from the Latin funambulus, Yes the Romans had tightrope walkers as well, Learn something new every day!

8. Sesquipedalian

The word Sesquipedalian is used to describe someone who uses long words! So as you’re trying to impress your friends with these words, and one of them says “Hey Steve you are using really long words today” you can reply with “yes I know I’m a Sesquipedalian” What a perfect chance at using this confusing impressive word! The actual word Sesquipedalian comes from sesquipedalis the latin for a foot and a half long.

So there you go 8 words to Impress and confuse your friends, You too can pretend to be intelligent just like I am pretending :) I do have such a long list of all these impressive words, so please check back for my next update, I would have listed more but I’m trying to capture you so you become a regular here at my blog. Feel free to leave some comments, listing your favourite confusing Impressive words, and abuse my bad Grammar and Spelling mistakes you bunch of “Dictioneers” Until the next time. Live long and Prosper. Steve